Design and Layout
The New Jersey Press Photographers Award book had to encompass
4 years of award winning photography. Some awards were for stand alone
images--some for feature stories. There were over 1,000 photos that had
to be sorted out and arranged on 142 pages. Captions and descriptions
had to be edited, then the pages had to be arranged in position and then
set up for PDF files. It was quite a job.
Karnig Thomasian had written a book
about his years of internment in a
Japanese prisoner of war camp during
World War II.
Karnig was a very fine commercial artist
and illustrator in his own right, but had
very little experience working with
computers and digital production.
He presented me with his design concept
and art and together we made the book
Poster for Peter Jordan's lecture series on the Paranormal.
Contact the artist at:
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